The first-ever Sports PR Summit took place on May 22, 2013 at the one-of-a-kind MLB Fan Cave in New York City. The Sports PR Summit is an annual event that brings together Senior PR executives from the pro and collegiate sports ranks as well as from top sports corporations, media members and athletes for panel discussions and valuable networking opportunities. Media members and athletes share candid insight about the best ways for PR executives to work most effectively with them. The event allows for all attendees to leave with a better understanding of the evolving communications issues and challenges we are facing in the sports industry.

"The Sports PR Summit provided an opportunity to learn from some of the sharpest minds in sports public relations. The panels brought together some of the most prominent names in sports journalism and offered a unique look at how they make decisions and interact with sports communicators. The conference focused on forward-thinking topics that will benefit all of us."

— Dan Courtemanche, Executive Vice President Communications, MLS

"The Sports PR Summit was one of the best-run seminars I've attended. Brian Berger was able to create a timeline that delivered exceptional speakers and content in a powerful one-day session - a feat some organizations struggle to cover in a 3-4 day convention! It was a dynamic group of professional attendees who were able to listen and learn from many of the best in the business."

— Gina Lehe, Sr. Dir. Communications & Brand Management, College Football Playoff

I applaud Brian’s vision for the summit. As we all increasingly rely on technology to communicate, the ability to connect in person with industry leaders, share best practices and new ideas and drive greater understanding between media and PR reps was invaluable."

— Erik Christianson, Managing Director of External Affairs, NCAA

"The Sports PR Summit was a treasure trove of information for sports PR people. The media panel gave unique insights into how media view, work with and perceive PR representatives, which should alter some of the aspects of how sports PR work with them."

— Matt Bourne, Vice President of PR, Major League Baseball

"There are countless sports business conference each year….none of them do an ample job of highlighting the importance of PR in the sports business process. The Sports PR Summit finally gave sports PR the attention it deserves in the scheme of the sports marketing process."

— Bill Sanders, Senior Vice President, Personal Brand Management, PMK*BNC

"I had the pleasure of attending the Sports PR Summit at the MLB Fan Cave. Brian Berger and his staff put together a group of moderators and panelists with the pulse of PR at the league and team level, in addition to garnering interesting perspectives from former athletes. As a fan and a sports business executive, this event was long overdue for our industry. A valuable networking experience, I am certainly looking forward to the next one!"

— Mario Prosperino, Business Development Manager, Associated Press

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The 2015 Sports PR Summit will take place in May of 2015 at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City (date TBD). The 2015 Sports PR Summit will once again be a full-day event bringing together 100 Senior PR executives and national media members from across the sports landscape for panel discussions and featured conversations. The event will also include a networking lunch and post-event networking cocktail reception.

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